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Mind reading: You assume that you know what people are thinking.

Fortune telling: You are trying predict the future

Catastrophizing: You wind yourself up to the worst thing that could happen such that you won’t be able to stand it.

Labeling: You assign global traits to yourself and others that are negative.

Discounting positives: You claim any positive thing that you or others attain is not as important or trivial

Negative filter: You spend the majority of time focused on whatever is negatives about a situation or person and seldom notice the positive

Over generalizingYou perceive macro patterns of negativity from a single incident

Black/White thinking: You view events or people in all-or-nothing terms.

ShouldsYou interpret events as how you believe it should be rather than the reality of what is.

PersonalizingYou assign a majority of the blame to yourself for anything negative that happens. You fail to see others hand in certain events.

BlamingYou blame the other person as the cause of your negative feelings or emotions. You refuse to take ownership of your responsibility.

Unfair comparisons: You compare to un-realistic standards. Focusing on people doing much better than you and as a result finding yourself lacking.

Regret orientationYou are fixated on the past and what t you could have done better instead of what can be done now.

What if?You keep asking “what if” something happens to any and every answer given. You remain unsatisfied with any of the answers

Emotional reasoning: You let your feelings guide your interpretation of reality; “I feel depressed, therefore my marriage is not working out.”

Inability to dis-confirm: You reject any answer or arguments that contradicts your negative thoughts it creates a situation where your negative thought cannot be solved or refuted.

Judgment focusYou are hyper sensitive to the judgement of others and your judgments of them.

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