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10 days ago
How come guys literally ask for stupid nudes just begs for them non stop or just send them without asking. Honestly this is ridiculous there is nothing great about it I don’t get it
What I’m going to say does not excuse the behavior in either situation. But can hopefully shed some insight on it. . These men simply don’t understand themselves let alone women or potential partners. Even though it may seem a little backwards if you think about it in terms of every person only having their own experience to draw on it might makes more sense. We’ll talk a bit of culture issues, psychological, and biological. . From this guy’s perspective he would be very aroused and turned on if he got a nude picture unannounced. As a result he mistakenly assumes that what floats his boat does so for other people as well. Think of it like chimpanzee behavior where the chimpanzee will flash himself to a mate he’s intrested in to show his arousal and interest. Unfortunately this is about the extent of the thought previous that happens beforehand on their part. 😅 As they likely get a thrill at the thought of others seeing it, kind of exhibitionist. . The next aspect that could play into this is much more interesting and deals with the majority of men’s fear of rejection by a potentially partner. The majority of adults never speak with their children about sex or dating or life in general quite frankly (cause they’re just thankful they managed to get through it) and Culturally we are not taught about our emotions etc. . As a result for many people rejection becomes a judge of personal character. Whether it’s for an intimate relationship or by friends/peer group it’s predicted as a direct reflection on their value or worthiness as a human being. This can be terrifying psychologically as typically exclusion from the group meant death, so it taps into deep seated biological fears. . Now if they were socialized and learned about emotions properly they would understand that rejection is actually a good thing since it quickly weeds out people who aren’t intrested in you and allows you to find the people who actually are so instead they would be very grateful and compassionate towards that person for being upfront honest and direct with them so that nobody wasting each other’s time. . Now on to people sending pictures without asking. This ties back into rejection ironically enough. If they send a picture and it isn’t received 100% poorly it can help dissuade alot of the fear of rejection they may have regarding expressing their feelings or in their ideal fantasy if they become intimate with the person they send it too. Thinking it’s better to be rejected now than later when they are even more emotionally invested. And the dynamics/influence of their pears doesn’t help 🙃 I don’t think I need to go into it that much, as it’s often very obvious what is embraced and encouraged and what gives you credibility and prestige in a somewhat toxic dynamics like that. But welcome to a male dominance hierarchy. . Not alot of great decision making here but alas their brain isn’t even done cooking yet. Although sometimes even that doesnt help.. . So hopefully this helped and maybe you’re starting to see that it’s not simply just them being perverted or bad people, but that at its core they are fundamentally just scared, insecure, and utterly lost/unsure how to express their feelings of affection and desire towards someone. They may try to talk a good game but it’s mostly cheap bravado, again, think chimpanzees tossing around dust dirt and sticks. But fundamentally just fearful emotionally vulnerable people trying their best with a lack of direction. And as is often the case it typically takes interaction with others to bring out understanding of emotional intelligence.
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