Systems to carefully manage

If the choices you consistently make are easy then you will have a hard life

If you instead focus on the critical hard questions you will have an easy life

Building list of hard questions and hard choices most people don’t make – Handling them will actually move you towards your goals

Logging events I attend in excel

Need to start taking notes while on the phone for better accountability of relations, agreements, and transactions: This is something that Billionaire Richard Branson has been doing for years due to his various personal and business dealings, it helps to keep organized and also serves as a physical record either to jog his memory when talking in the future or for reference back on a later date

Share your truth: People will thank you for it

Practice getting braver: Move towards fear

Major Systems to be attentive to their management include: Energy , Physical , and mental

Lifestyle breakdown: Optimal spending percentages in all areas of life

Ubermann Sleep Schedule: Supposedly used by the likes of Leonardo Di Vinci Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte etc

Digest of things I thought about, learned, &researched today.

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